When I became a Dad, or “Dad-dito” as my son – who was five  when I started this blog and is now 10 – called me, I was forty and in search of support and advice that would fit my world view. I found much for Moms but little for Dads so here’s my attempt to reach out to like-minded fathers everywhere. Here are some of my key beliefs – I believe in: being a highly involved father, having a family bed, breast-feeding, attachment parenting, playing with my son, non-violence (except for swords, knights, nerf weaponry of all sorts), and making lots of mistakes but evolving through practice. I am constantly humbled at how difficult it is to be a father and even more in awe of mothers who bear the brunt of childrearing responsibilities.

Dad-dito (aka: Joe Lunievicz)

Joe Lunievicz (aka: Zen Dad-dito) lives in New York City and is a writer, public health educator, yoga teacher, and fight choreographer/fencer.

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  1. So, this isn’t a group blog, but you’ve been posting here since 2007? And you have like hundreds of posts?

    • Yup. It’s a portrait of my son’s growing up. It’s not a group blog at all, just my little say on fatherhood, A-Z. Sometimes my book blog just doesn’t feel right for the subject matter so I’m going to post here. That plus my wife has been pushing me to write here again and her instincts are good. By the way we got a few pictures from camp finally. I’m settling in. Hope all is good with you. Joe Lunievicz

      OPEN WOUNDS WestSide Books http://www.lunievicz.com zenrugger@nyc.rr.com or jlunievicz@gmail.com

  2. I would gladly have a 5-10 minute dad type talk with you whenever this stuff come up if you want to call me. The obstacles are: I’m shy on the phone. I don’t know if I can fix your pain. And I don’t have the answer. But you are a friend, and I would brave the awkward rivers of telecommunication anytime you needed me to, if you thought it would help. And now that sounded weird. I know you’re not skeletally undead with pain, just missing your main little man.

    RU watching the opening ceremonies tonight?

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